Van Abbe Museum

Eindhoven, 2016

Jump! was a unique collaboration, supported by the BKKC, between eight talented artist and four gallery owners in Brabant, one of the southern provinces in Holland. The four gallery owners, Ingrid Luycks, Jan van Hoof, Majke Hüsstege and Gallery Pennings, teamed up and offered a group of artists a coaching trail for two years. Knowledge transfer, networking and development of expertise were the main focus points of this trail. The participating artists were Lindert Paulussen, Marthe Zink, Matijs van de Kerkhof, Matthias Schaareman, Noortje Haegens, Roos Holleman, Stijn Poelstra and Wiesje Peels.


The design of the exhibition symbolises the connection that was created between the artist and the gallery owner by mimicking the identity of the gallery and by focussing on the activities that were facilitated by the gallery owners. The galleries were literally put inside the museum and four different activities were organised to profile the artists. Amongst those activities there was a trialogue, a vernissage, a expert dinner and an intervention.


As part of this installation, Roland van Dooren was assigned to make a documentary in which both the artists and the gallery owner tell about their experiences in these two years of collaboration.


Exhibition design in collaboration with Grietje Schepers

Photo's by Stijn Poelstra