In Studio Harm Rensink’s quest for personal grounding, they created several installations for relaxation. The Nomadic Sand Bath project is one of them and consists out of a mountain of heated sand, a tent made out of bamboo and thin translucent plastics.


The Sand bath is an experiment on relaxation for people living in cities with high population densities. It gives a sensory experience that relaxes the minds of the city dwellers. The warm earth bath covers you as a firm hug and stimulates the senses and enlightens the mind. While being inside, your surroundings slowly disappear by the intimacy of the warm tent, inviting you to take distance from the hectic urban environment outside.


The Nomadic Sand Bath is also a critical remark on how the idea of wellness is provided in most

modern western resorts. In these places the ‘experiencing’ of the environment is lost and wellness is turned into something consumable, decreasing the quality and sustainability of relaxation’s essence.




normadic sand bath


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