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Since 2014 we work on the creative direction an exhibition design of New Order of Fashion. Together we build on a platform that supports exceptional international fashion talent by sharing their stories through our exhibitions and connecting them to the industry to push for change.


During Dutch Design Week 2019, New Order of Fashion presented ‘The End is Near, Time For New Beginnings’.


"As if rudely awakened from a collective lucid daydream, some still a bit groggy, others with eyes wide open and ready to face the reckoning, we all know: if ever there were a time, now’s the time to do better. This is the new state of awareness that is shaking up the world of fashion. For good."


This is the new state of awareness that is shaking up the world of fashion. For good. New Order Of Fashion selected the most imaginative and forward minded proposals that dare to challenge ruling conventions, systems, constructs and borders. These outstanding graduation projects address urgent universal topics as diverse as the sweeping effects of climate change and cries for environmental and social justice and playing field for cultural and gender diversity.


The exhibition took place in a tilted world where walls were on the point of collapsing. Screaming for a new start, to let the world know that they need to listen to the ideas and solutions of a new generation. Brightly illustrated by airbrushed content, provided by the fashion graduates, emphasising the content behind their collections. This years edition our Talks programme was as important as the collections themselves and placed in the center of the exhibition.


The exhibition is the end and start of a journey. Building towards a new world where we endorse  young designers to kickstart a better future for the fashion industry.




New order of Fashion has a team of driven designers who support whole year round the exhibitions and collaborations.Thanks to Ellen Albers, Emma Wessel, Frank Verkade, Grietje Schepers and Jelle Smidt.


Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

Artwork by Fleksel

Photography by Ronald Smits


the end is near, time for new beginnings


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