During Dutch Design Week 2017, Modebelofte presented ‘Digital Realists’. A down to earth and hands on embrace of the digital age as the new normal.


Digital Realists are a new generation of fashion designers who ignore the borders between the physical and the digital world. The 18 international Digital Realists in this exhibition flawlessly combined on- and offline modes of research, design and production, synchronising traditional and artisanal techniques with advanced computing and often experimental - digital technology driven options.


In the abandoned V&D warehouse in the city centre of Eindhoven, Modebelofte showed how these fashion designers boomeranged their virtual fantasies back into the every day sphere where real humans could touch, smell and feel their creations.




Initiated by Ellen Albers, curated and designed by Studio Harm Rensink (Harm Rensink and Lisanne Fransen) and HeyNiek

Production by Fabian Briels

Artwork and animation by Leeza Pritychenko

Music by Gothenburg based electronic duo Voy Bonage - Lisa Fritzell & André Laos

Photography by Barbara Medo


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Future Bodies

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Vlisco 1:1

Modebelofte 2017