In collaboration with local retailer You Are Here, Studio Harm Rensink and HeyNiek directed and curated the 2014 edition of the Modebelofte during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.


The exhibition carried the title ‘Seductive Precursors’ and staged a selection of young fashion talents from all over the world. In an abandoned - slightly notorious - disco club a spectacular show was put on, it combined fashion with strong scenography and an educational message and became a stylish counterpoint during the seven days of the design week.


In the abandoned disco, with nothing but a blank space to customise, Studio Harm Rensink and HeyNiek chose to use floating mannequins in a combination of black walls, directional light and a touch of white dust emanating from the granulated white floor to create a Tim Burton Corpse Bride goes clubbing atmosphere. By confronting the visitors with garments that adhere to strict guidelines in the use of materials, patterns, techniques, and the artwork attached to them, the selections of the graduates’ work highlighted itself as the year’s national fashion event.




Initiated and organised by You Are Here

Exhibition Design by Studio Harm Rensink and HeyNiek

Visual by Eero Lampinen and Cathelijn Kruunenberg

Photography by Barbara Medo


seductive precursors


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