At Heimtextil I created a retreat for the fair visitor based on my Japan bathing researches, creating a salth bath for people to relax and massage their feet on the buisy fair days. I was inspired by several Japanese elements like the Ganbanyouku, the Irori and the respectful, ritualistic and social side of both. It was about engaging people through physical stimulation, the sensation of space and aromatherapy.


For me the essence of bathing is not in the cleaning of the body but of the mind. This is achieved through the awareness of physical sensations that we normally don't experience in daily life. The wide variety on water properties, the experiencing of light, skin, heat, cold, wind, nature and space - to name a few – are elements to incorporate in my designs in terms of shape and material.

(text from city Sento)


With special thanks to the Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie