Ministry of Education, Culture and Science


The Hague


When an organisation - that has been working for decades in a beautiful spacious villa - moves to a modest floor in a modern high-rise, how do you design a space which preserves the institution’s identity without compromising the quality of the working environment? That was the big challenge around the design of the new housing for the Dutch Council for Culture.


Taking into consideration that the council’s task is to advise about cultural policies in the Netherlands, Studio Harm Rensink created an interior in which art and Dutch design converge and speak together.


This resulted in an interior that touches the resemblance of a home, but still is formal enough to fit its purpose. A working space that supports the behaviour of the staff, creating a space for concentration and social interaction.


For this interior HeyHeydeHaas and Tim Enthoven were commissioned to develop a custom work for the interior.




Interior design by Studio Harm Rensink in collaboration with Rene Siebum

Photography by Mike Roelofs

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