As Leonard Koren said: ”The essence of bathing is not in the cleaning of the body but of the mind.” This is achieved through the awareness of physical sensations that we normally don’t experience in daily life. The wide variety of water facilities, the light, the skin, the heat, the cold, the wind, the nature and space - to name a few – were elements Studio Harm Rensink explored in his designs in terms of shape and material.


At Creative Center Osaka, Studio Harm Rensink experimented with creating a foot bath for people to relax in the city. As in the Urban Spa Project, isolating individuals from the city atmosphere was a intriguing curiosity. Harm Rensink himself was inspired by several Japanese elements like the Ganbanyouku, the Irori and the respectful, ritualistic and social side of both. It was about engaging people through physical stimulation, the sensation of space and aromatherapy.


The exhibition’s setting was very theatrical. In a black chamber a vacuum-shape space was created where guests were invited to put their feet into warm salt. It was designed to propitiate the human aspects of relaxing, talking and being.





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