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At the Seoul Design Festival, Studio Harm Rensink created a salt bed installation for people to relax in the city. Inspiration came from a research trip to Japan where Rensink himself explored the diverse bathing culture of the country.


In Japan, the bathing ceremony influences lifestyle in very a human and intrinsic way. The famous Japanese poet Ujyo Noguchi sang: “On the way home from Kannawa Mushiyu a scent of the herbs still lingers upon my skin.” This inspired Rensink on his quest to create new spaces for relaxation.


Olfactory memory refers to the recollection of odours. Salt has the natural ability to absorb scents and can slowly transmit them back into the atmosphere, and into your garment. Infused with natural lemon, lime and ginger oil, the salt relaxes and distresses you, preventing anxiety and helps you to concentrate during the course of your day.




bed of olfaction


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