In Atelier of Light, young children have the time and space to do their own research into various aspects of the phenomenon ‘light’. To experiment and form hypotheses, to make compositions, to ask themselves and each other questions and to discuss. The grown-ups do not provide them with answers; they help research and stimulate this process. In this way, children can develop their innate creativity.


For the Atelier we developed work stations for children to freely explore their creative fascinations. We concluded all of them in a exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.


In Atelier the usually separate worlds of art and science are brought together in the phenomenon ‘light’. Key aspects include research, exploration, experiment, curiosity, passion and interaction. Artists, physicists, social scientists and designers are working together to develop Atelier of Light and its extraordinary workstations. Children are invited to research and experiment from both artistic and scientific perspectives.


Exhibition design in close cooperation with Bas van Tol




Oudezijds Achterburgwal 79m

1012 DC Amsterdam