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Between 17 March and 11 June 2017, Museum Arnhem showed the exhibition ‘From Art Nouveau to Art Deco, Ceramics from the Arnhem Fayence Factory’.


The exhibition gave a complete overview of the decorative and utilitarian pottery that was produced in Art Nouveau and Art Deco style at the Arnhem Fayence factory (1907-1934). This completeness of the collection was largely made possible by the collector Benno Steenaert, who passionately gathered and archived each piece the factory produced. With this exhibition, Museum Arnhem celebrated the unlocking of Steenaert’s collection to the public. Studio Harm Rensink based the design of the exhibition on Steenaert’s fascinating and endless passion for collecting.





Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

Photography by Eva Broekema


van art nouveau tot art deco


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